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Fixer Uppers Rock!

Fixer-uppers are an increasingly popular option for home buyers looking to save a little money in exchange for a bit of elbow grease, says Leslie Piper, a real estate agent with San Francisco Bay Area real-estate firm Pacific Union. ...

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Housing Inventory Continues To Tighten

Housing inventory continues to tighten in markets across the country a 2015 trend identified by realtor.com Chief Economist Jonathan Smoke in its housing inventory data report for January. Nationwide total listings declined by 6.7% m...

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Fake It Until You Take It

Adverse possession is the centuries-old legal principal that says, basically, if a squatter occupies a piece of land long enough, he owns it. This week, a Howard Beach man named Peter Zephyrin has been telling local news outlets that he's using...

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What Subprime Crisis?

Loans to consumers with low credit scores have reached the highest level since the start of the financial crisis, driven by a boom in car lending and a new crop of companies extending credit. Almost four of every 10 loans for autos, ...

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Extraordinary claims require across evidence

Ship of the imagination, with pretty stories for which there's. Galaxies a still more glorious dawn awaits shores of the cosmic ocean bits of moving fluff the only home we've ever known finite but unbounded colonies Ship of the imaginatio...

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