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Excellent Real Estate Agent

“Dion is an excellent real estate agent and you will be lucky to have him if you choose him when you purchase your home. We had used a couple of other agents in the past, and they didn’t deliver the total package like Dion does. He spends a lot of time getting to know what you want and giving you a lot of listings to look at. We wanted our dream house, but we didn’t have a dream house budget. Dion was patient as we looked at many properties trying to find a home that had all the features we wanted at a price we could afford. He helped us narrow down what was important to us and what were the deal breakers. As our vision of what we really wanted got clearer, it helped us focus on what we were looking for. There are so many things you just don’t think about, and Dion has the experience to guide you and help you clarify your real estate goals.”

“We finally found the perfect house at a price we could afford. The sellers seemed very nice and things were going smoothly. But then the sellers became difficult. They weren’t packed and ready to move on the day we closed escrow and the man became belligerent because he didn’t understand the process. Their agent also made it more difficult by giving them incorrect information and being argumentative. Dion was professional and gracious, but strong and effective. He is easy going and remains calm when things get stressful. We had problems with our finance company because or paperwork glitches and he was on top of every detail. He did not back down from making sure we were taken care of and the other party held up their end of the bargain. If it wasn’t for him, buying our dream home could have turned into a nightmare, but he made sure that instead of mountains in our way, they were just bumps in the road.”

“If you want first class treatment and someone who will fight for you if things don’t go as planned, hire Dion Stallberg. You will not be disappointed!” – Heather and Manny Madla